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Choosing Islam

  Islamic Manners
Islam Message The Company of Allah is the Believer's Weapon  - 3/28/2017
Many have heard the need for Allah’s (God’s) company, yet not fully understand its meanings and implications to our existence...
History bore ample testimony to the fact that, one man can be the means of all goodness to an entire group of people be it a nation, a society, a community or family. ..
Islam Message Examination Malpractices in the Scale of Islam - 1/18/2017
Examination malpractice is any illegal act committed by a student single handedly or in collaboration with others like fellow students, parents, teachers, supervisors, invigilators...
Among the teachings that form the ethical framework of Islam is to offer greetings of “As-salaam” when leaving and when entering one’s place of domicile...
Islam Message Planning for the Future in light of the Sunnah - 9/25/2016
SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely...
Islam Message Willing to Sacrifice: A Vital Islamic Moral - 9/19/2016
Willing to sacrifice is considered as one of the most important aspects of a Muslim's life and a vital Islamic moral...
Islam Message Selflessness: A Vital Islamic Moral - 9/5/2016
Today, we will discuss the manner of al-’eethar (selflessness: giving preference to others over yourself and considering their happiness and welfare before your own)...
Islam Message A Muslim Does not Cheat - 8/30/2016
Deceiving is strictly forbidden, like other acts it harms others as well as the deceiver... read more
Islam Message Strong Determination - 8/16/2016
Men with firm decision are always respected in every strata of the society. Others cannot harm them... read more.
Islam Message Islamic Rules of Engagement - 8/9/2016
Engagement according to sharee’ah means that the man asks the woman to marry him, read more...
Islam Message How Do I Acquire Morality? - 4/26/2016
A good attitude is the characteristic of the best of the Messengers and is the best action of the righteous...
Islam Message Degrees and Different Forms of Lying - 4/18/2016
Lying is a detestable sin that warranted stern warnings in the teachings of Islam. The act of lying is dispraised in many verses of the Glorious Qur’an and in many Noble saying of our dear Prophet Muhammad...
Islam Message The Islamic therapy for Intellectual Deviation - 4/11/2016
The best Islamic therapy for intellectual deviation is the one taken from the teachings of Holy Book (Al-Qur'an) and the ones of the prophet – May Peace and Blessings be upon him - .
Islam Message Praiseworthy Hastiness - 4/4/2016
there are certain situations in which hastiness is praiseworthy in the Sharia.
Islam Message Reprehensible Hastiness - 3/28/2016
Among the natural disposition of man is his hastiness in the pursuit of his worldly endeavors. Hastiness in such frivolous worldly activities shows a weakness in ones faith in the preordainments of Allah ...
Islam Message Characteristics of Islamic Morals - 3/20/2016
Islam has laid down some universal fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which...
Islam Message Etiquettes of Visiting Malls - 3/7/2016
Etiquettes and manners are such beautiful teachings of Islam which when practiced render ones worldly endeavors’ into acts of worship...
Islam Message Enjoinment of Virtues and Prohibition of Vices: A Fundamental Tenet of Islam - 2/29/2016
Enjoinment of Virtues and Promotion of Vices is one of the communal religion obligations upon every Muslim and Ummah...
Islam Message What Islam Says about Steadfastness - 2/15/2016
Steadfastness includes all aspects of the religion and encompasses all its commands and prohibitions...
Islam Message What Islam Says About Tomfoolery - 2/10/2016
Tomfoolery, in one of its many connotations, is the opposite of forbearance. It refers to a person’s impetuousness: his or her temper and indiscretion in even petty issues, as well as, a thirst for swift revenge, punishment and insults. There is no doubt that weak-mindedness is its cause.
Islam Message What Islam Says about Derision  - 2/3/2016
Islam regards mockery and derision as part of ignorance behaviours we should avoided. Allah The Almighty...
Islam Message What Islam says about Begging  - 11/10/2015
Begging (the conventional way) or Asking others for help (to satisfy one’s needs) may sound different, but...
Islam Message Fraud and Treason bring about Loss in this World and the Hereafter - 9/2/2015
Islam views fraud and treason as heinous sins, a source of shame to the one guilty of committing them, both in this world and the next...
Islam Message Etiquette of Using the Mobile phone - 8/23/2015
Islam has never been opposed to advancement. However, certain advancements are such that together with their benefits come much harm...
a brief presentation of these qualities which the seeker of Islamic knowledge needs to excel both in this world and in the next life...
Islam Message The Similitude of a Believer is that of a Tree whose leaves do not fall off-1 - 2/20/2015
My dear brother! Do you know the tree referred to herein? And the wisdom behind the example made?...
Islam Message The Similitude of a believer is that of a Tree whose leaves do not fall off-2  - 2/17/2015
The Date palm tree in contrary to many other trees dies when its side sprout is cut off. The believer without his senses is free of any responsibilities and reckoning
Islam Message A Reminder to Man on the Obligation towards the Blessing of the Faculty of Sight - 1/22/2015
Verily, the blessing of sight is one of the greatest blessings of Allah upon man. Allah the most high says...
Islam Message Etiquettes of Visiting the Sick - 1/5/2015
Islam, as a way of life, ordained that such a sick Muslim must be visited by others...
Islam Message PARDON WHEN YOU CAN. - 11/23/2014
Islam teaches Muslims how to pardon and forgive offenders under all situations and circumstances...
Islam Message Cleanliness is Part of Faith - 2 - 11/19/2014
Of the beautiful things reported about the prophet (PBUH) is what Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported that the Prophet (PBUH) used to bring close his head for her to wash and will wash and comb it, while in her room and the prophet (PBUH) in the mosque...
Islam Message Proclaim Your Lord’s Bounty, Don't Boast  - 11/15/2014
There is a wise saying that goes: “Do not promote yourself more than you have to.”
Islam Message Selflessness - 11/15/2014
Selfessness, altruism are selfless acts done for another’s benefit in spite of oneself, is a humanitarian endeavor praised by all societies. Ithaar, which is the Arabic terminology for it, is one of the noble...
Islam Message Sincerity and Devotion - 10/27/2014
Sincere Devotion and Adhering to the Islamic teachings as taught by the prophet (PBUH) are major prerequisites For the Acceptance of Deeds...
Islam Message The Place of a Guest in Islam - 3/16/2014
Islam is a noble religion that enhances and encourages its adherents to uphold noble values and lead exemplary lives on earth. Mind you, a guest or stranger enjoys...
Islam Message Islam and the position of a Neighbor - 2/16/2014
The status in Islam of a neighbour is great and special. Islam encourages Muslims to treat their neighbours with respect, kindness and cordialness in such ways that reflects...
Islam Message “Who Will Save You from Me Now?” - 2/9/2014
An example of how a great leader dealt with those who showed him enmity.
Islam Message Treating relatives well - 12/22/2013
Good treatment means courteous behaviour, sharing in happiness and grief, and helping them in a lawful manner whenever required.
Islam Message The Manners and Etiquttes of Sleeping - 12/1/2013
In our last talk, we discussed about Islam being a total way of life; how the Prophet and Messenger of Allah peace be upon ...
Islam Message Honesty leads to Paradise - 11/10/2013
Islam orders the Muslim to be honest to himself and others. ‎
Islam Message Do Not Give Bad Habits the Upper Hand - 10/6/2013
Habits are more coercive than laws. This is because our habits compel us from within ourselves to act in a certain way.
Islam Message The Etiquette of Eating - 9/1/2013
The religion of Islam is a holistic way of life.
Islam Message Be a Logical and Motivating Parent - 9/1/2013
Was the father precise and logical in his request? Did he succeed in motivating his child?
Islam Message Let us open our hearts in Ramadan - 7/31/2013
THE Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Musa, the son of Imran once asked, 'Oh my Lord! Who is the most honorable of Your servants?' And He replied, the person who forgives even when he is in a position of power"
Islam Message Appealing to “Patience” to Deny People’s Rights - 7/25/2013
Allah al-Mighty , in the chapter of the Qur’an entitled “Time”, describes the believers as those who: “enjoin each other to truth and enjoin each other to patience.” [Sūrah al-`Asr]
Islam Message General Rules for dealing with non Muslims - 7/10/2013
Islam orders Muslims to deal kindly and justly to all non Muslims as long as they do not oppose or oppress Muslims or place obstacles in the way of spreading Islam.
Islam Message Sinful speech and excessive laughter - 6/30/2013
ISLAM prohibits sinful speech that intends to cause harm to other human beings. It also prohibits excessive laughter or extreme humor.
Islam Message Easy tips to a sound upbringing - 6/26/2013
Dear parent, how do you imagine the successful way of upbringing to be?
Islam Message How Do Muslims Treat the Elderly? - 6/17/2013
Caring for one’s parents in Islam is considered an honor and a blessing, and an opportunity for great spiritual growth.
Islam Message The Malice of Lying - 6/4/2013
Description: The phenomenon of lying which has regretfully become a “fabric of social life
Islam Message Peace in Islam - 5/28/2013
In Islam peace is closely related to developing and improving the world. In fact the words are often used as synonyms for the same action
Islam Message Practice and Understand Islam with a Smile - 5/11/2013
The general rule of thumb is to observe we don’t go overboard and forget the protocols of humor. We should not be so excessive in our laughter.
Islam Message The Malice of Lying - 5/5/2013
Lying is a common part of human relationships. People lie for a variety of reasons. They may lie as part of self-presentation, in order to present a more favorable image to others
Islam Message Thoughts on modesty: a woman’s perspective - 4/20/2013
Every religion has its characteristic, and the characteristic of Islam is modesty.’ This statement made some 1400 years ago by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is just as relevant today as it was then.
Islam Message Forgiveness: A Prophetic Example - 3/4/2013
The compelling conditions of our time offer human society two paths to choose from. We will either continue past enmities and stereotypes, or we will learn how to live in peaceful coexistence
Islam Message Ship of Morality - 2/18/2013
“O Mohammed! God will never disgrace you as you are helpful and good to your kin, welcomes guests, supports oppressed, bears all and helps those who defend rights.”
Islam Message Social Values In Islam Haya (Modesty) - 12/26/2012
On getting closer to Surah Bani Israil we come to a hukm(commandment) which says: “Do not even go near fornication.” The wordings are not that don’t commit zina (adultery or fornication) but to keep from it
Islam Message Strength in Islam  - 11/7/2012
Life can’t go on without strength; any civilization needs strength to survive, to protect the rights, to prevent injustice, to terrify the enemies, to support goals,
Islam Message Accepting Opposing Opinions - 11/5/2012
Islam introduces the most perfect and most tolerant model in dealing with opposing opinions...
Islam Message Attacks in Libya Go Against Islam - 9/16/2012
The Claremont Main Road Masjid joins the Libyan People and Muslims all over the world in unequivocally condemning the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J.
Islam Message Islam spread by the message of love and not by the sword - 9/15/2012
IT is a common misconception with some non-Muslims that Islam would not have millions of followers all over the world, if it had not been spread by the use of force.
Islam Message Tolerance in Islam - 9/12/2012
When defining one of its important aspects, Islam, it means complete submission to Allah by choice and conviction, not through seduction or compulsion.
Islam Message Calling to Islam in the best manners  - 8/26/2012
According to many scholars in this field, the term Da'wah (call to Islam) applies to conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims and inviting them to Allah.
Islam Message Obscenity – the Root of Evil and Sins  - 7/8/2012
There is no doubt that a virtuous person does not find it easy to utter obscenities lest he or she expose him/herself to the Wrath of Allah The Almighty and disgrace in the eyes of people. Although vulgarity is certainly dispraised and forbidden, foul words indeed abound.
Islam Message Good Muslim, Good Human Being - 7/8/2012
Once Angel Jibreel (peace be upon him) visited the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in the guise of a man and in the presence of the Companions. This happened toward the end of the Prophetic mission and its
Islam Message Cheating and Deception - 6/30/2012
Cheating and deception are despicable characteristics that are beneath a decent person. Intentionally distorting the truth in order to mislead others contradicts the values of honesty,
Islam Message Believers of Allah are altruists - 6/2/2012
Allah commands believers to behave well and treat others with love. This is a solid moral conception stemming from fear of Allah and devotion to the Qur’an.
Islam Message Muslims can achieve global recognition through honesty and integrity, says American scholar - 5/29/2012
In this highly materialistic world, spirituality could play an important role in steering the Muslim faithful through the right path following the teachings
Islam Message Habits denied by Islam! - 5/26/2012
Islam is the religion of human nature. Its codes and morals care for maintaining the pure nature and coping with
Islam Message Moderation in All Spheres of Life - 5/13/2012
Islam stresses moderation in everything and commands its followers eschew all extravagances in any direction.
Islam Message Love for Truth - 4/24/2012
Truth means the essence and reality of a thing. It is to know clearly what a thing is,
Islam Message Differences Between Reputation, Personality, and Character - 4/10/2012
Each and every one of us has three components: our reputation, our personality, and our character.
Islam Message Morality And Ethics In Islam - 4/8/2012
Islam is a comprehensive way of life, and morality is one of the cornerstones of Islam.
Islam Message Islamic Values And Ethics in prevention And Treatment of Emotional Disorders  - 4/7/2012
Islam teaches us a code of behavior and gives us a meaning for our existence
Islam Message Fatherhood in Islam  - 3/19/2012
It is important for Muslims to have a discussion about fatherhood while keeping in mind the ever-fragile state of Muslim families.
Islam Message Anger & Dejection: An Islamic Perspective  - 3/13/2012
When God created human beings, He created many emotions and desires within him, which we call human instincts.
Islam Message Protecting our Children from Lying  - 2/27/2012
It should be known that lying has many signs that are visible on the child which an intelligent mother could notice,
Islam Message Generosity - 2/11/2012
As humans, we have an innate sense of morality. No matter what religion, race or colour we are, certain qualities serve as the moral standard.
Islam Message Personal Character - 1/24/2012
Generally speaking and particularly within Islam there is nothing better and more encouraged than perfecting one’s character
Islam Message We must love other to be loved by God  - 1/22/2012
Man is not only a social animal but a spiritual one. This spirituality stems from the fact that he was created by God,
Islam Message Love and Hate - 1/16/2012
To love and to hate is part of human nature. As a result, all of us love and hate something or someone.
Islam Message The Power of Forgiveness: An Islamic Perspective - 1/1/2012
God has granted intellect to human beings. The intellect entails responsibility. The more intellect a person has the more he/she is responsible.
Islam Message When Failure Succeeds - 10/9/2011
Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” So said Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb.
Islam Message Humbleness - 10/8/2011
Humbleness is to know the value of oneself, to avoid pride, or disregarding the truth and underestimating people.
Islam Message Islamic Values and Ethics in Prevention and Treatment of Emotional Disorders  - 9/22/2011
Religion plays a significant role in satisfying our physical as well as spiritual needs: Islam teaches us a code of behavior and gives us a meaning for our existence.
Islam Message Defining True Success - 9/15/2011
What is the image of a successful person? A well-educated, knowledgeable person, who has surplus earnings, well-known for expertise
Islam Message Good Manner and Successful Life  - 9/11/2011
Manners and courtesy are an aspect of modern societies that are experiencing serious deterioration and we are doing nothing to remedy this problem;
Islam Message Rush to Virtue - 9/5/2011
“You should rush towards virtuous deeds before you are overtaken by turbulent times like a portion of a pitch-dark night,
Islam Message Forgiveness in Islam - 9/3/2011
Allah al-Mighty ,who named Himself Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) and Ar-Rahim (The Merciful) is also Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiving).
Islam Message Building a Successful Personality - 9/3/2011
Everyone’s personality is unique. In fact, personality is the sum total of all of the behavioral and mental characteristics by which an individual is recognized as being unique.
Islam Message Divine Call for Helping Humanity - 8/6/2011
Right from his conception until he breathes his last, man faces problems, difficulties, risks and dangers
Islam Message Are we "born to be free"? - 7/24/2011
Freewill is the most difficult of God's gifts to understand or appreciate. The person who gives up selfish freedom and agrees to be God's servant will always be truly free.
Islam Message Thoughts On Modesty - 7/16/2011
'Every religion has its characteristic, and the characteristic of Islam is modesty.'
Islam Message Kindness to Relatives is Part of Our Belief - 6/15/2011
What a terrible behavior to care only about your goals, worry only about your problems, know only those who benefit you, and avoid those whom you have no materialistic advantage in befriending!
Islam Message The Family Structure in Islam: The Social Life - 5/16/2011
The social life of the true Muslim is based upon the highest principles and designed to secure happiness with prosperity for the individual as well as for the society.
Islam Message Patience is the Key  - 1/9/2010
For Muslims, the scope of patience is not limited to enduring difficulties and problems with calmness.
Islam Message The Etiquettes of Entering and Leaving the Home  - 11/2/2009
Islam, in its legislations, aims to produce a well-balanced individual in every way: psychologically, spiritually, and materially. Many of Islam’s injunctions are specially intended for producing peace and spiritual contentment by providing verbal remembrances for a Muslim’s every activity.
Islam Message Insults are better taken lying down - 8/25/2009
"If any of you becomes angry and he is standing, let him sit down, so his anger will go away; if it does not go away, let him lie down."
Islam Message Gratitude to God is at the Heart of Islam - 6/16/2009
At the heart of Islam is the teaching that one should praise and be thankful to God in every circumstance. For example, Muslims answer the question, ‘’How are you?’’ with the Arabic phrase ‘’Alhamdulillah,’’ which means, ‘’Praise and thanks be to God.’’
Islam Message Humane Treatment of Animals - 5/13/2009
God, the Creator of human beings and animals, has made animals subservient to us. We depend on animals for the food we eat and the milk we drink.
Islam Message Backbiting & Slander - An Islamic Perspective  - 3/25/2009
Islam is a religion of peace, love and compassion. Lies, suspicion, backbiting, slander and gossip are totally unacceptable in Islam.
Islam Message Humility - 3/9/2009
Muslims constantly strive to remember and practice Islamic virtues, and put them into practice throughout their daily lives. Among these great Islamic virtues are submission to Allah, self-restraint...
Islam Message Anger Management: An Islamic Perspective - 3/7/2009
Muslims are the followers of Prophet Mohammad and believe that the best example of patience was manifested in the Prophet himself.
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